Hy Cor sales agent western canada
Sullair Ryan Erie Lind Ericson Alberta BC Saskatchewan

We are proud to be official agents for:

Sullair equipment Alberta BC and Saskatchewan
Sullair Air compressors and tools
G C Duke agent western canada


New, used or re conditioned, we will strive to find any equipment you need to fill your customers needs.

We can also aid in liquidation or disposal of fleet through  a variety of channels including Ebay, auction or used sales.


New lines we represent include Hy Cor, Sullair, G.C.Duke, MEC AWP and Kwiet Power by Shindawa.

​Ericson, Lex, Lind, Erie wheelbarrows, U.S. Wire and Cable, Dynamic, Norguard, Viking, Ryan, Classen, Little wonder, Scag, Bob Cat Brunner and Lay

Solution providers to the Rental Industry in Western Canada.

Brunner & Lay agent BC Alberta and Saskatchewan
Scag Mowers
Bob cat mowers and turf equipment

acquisitions and greenfield start ups

With experience in over 20 acquisitions from $600,000 to $600,000,000 - we have the experience to help you grow your business.

Our network of contacts in the rental industry allows us to connect buyers and sellers.

If you are looking to buy, we can help you find a rental house that fits your strategy.
If looking to sell, we understand how larger houses value acquisitions and can help you maximize return.

Brunner & Lay, Ericson, Erie wheelbarrows, Ryan Lawn and garden, Classen Equipment, Bob-cat, SCAG, Lex, Dynamic, Norguard, Little Wonder

Kwiet Power by Shindawa

Now stocking Brunner & Lay in Edmonton and Kelowna


Our consulting focuses on "rental" based analysis and advice.

Examples of consultation available:

FLEET - Fleet management - Inventory control - Disposals - Lease/buy analysis - Fleet KPIs

PEOPLE - Performance evaluation - Sales management - Employee development - Remuneration analysis - Employee Opinion surveys - Team building

MARKETING - Open house/Customer event management - Campaign management - Customer surveys - Market analysis - Rental rate analysis - Brand development

OPERATIONS - Greenfield startups - Acquisitions - Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - CRM implementation - Logistics - Strategy development - facility acquisition


Kwiet Power by Shindawa