Do you HATE Inventory?  We LOVE it!

Five Bo Inc has a solution - we will do your inventory for you.

If need an inventory for asset evaluation, bank re financing, or just to confirm annual inventory levels, Five Bo Inc is happy to help you out.  With 30 years of inventory experience, we are willing to tackle any size of inventory.

Do you need to reduce fleet?

Five Bo Inc has a solution - Five Bo can help you reduce your fleet through large package disposal or smaller, controlled liquidation.  ​Let us know how quick you need to turn equipment into cash and we can show you options that meet your needs.

Need or want to sell your rental business?

Five Bo Inc has a solution - we have buyers and sellers we talk with across Western Canada.

Not only can we connect you with other rental houses, we can also help evaluate assets and negotiate on your behalf.

Do you know what your company is worth?

Five Bo Inc has a solution - through asset evaluation or using a financial information we can give you a realistic evaluation of your rental business.

​Just call today and we can discuss our time proven process.